We are passionate to serve you typical Italian food from the region of Emilia-Romagna.

1. Research

We don't just order from Coles. We source from our own farm here in NSW, and directly import other quality ingredients, and fine wine from Italy.

2. Plan

What dish goes best with which wine? Does the Australian Ingredient taste better than a good one from Italy - yes in this season it does. We take the time to plan our meals.

3. Cook it up!

This is the fun part, to cook your specially made meal to perfection! We have sourced the food well, tested and tried different ways, and now know the best way to serve this fresh to your plate.

4. Enjoy

And this is the best part - to eat, savour, and enjoy the beautifully simple yet flavoursome meal from Osteria Riva. Buon appettito!

Who we are

As a typical Osteria we bring along the concept of traditional and house made food.

Focusing on the regional area of Emilia-Romagna our menu offers you a wide range of daily fresh homemade pasta, main courses and desserts.

We formed a partnership with a farm in Rylestone that provides us with what we believe to be the best free range meat and eggs daily. We also directly import wines and typical products trying to maintain intact our authenticity.

Our crazy skills

Love & Patience
Good Ingredients
Good Kitchen
Good Chefs